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Sky has been creating fine glass since 1996 in the glass mecca of Eugene, Oregon. We are very proud of the craftspeople that hand make every piece of glass that leaves our shop. In our 20 years of doing business we have created over a quarter million water pipes for our customers.  Sky Glass has always believed in good karma, we make quality glass for our customers.


In physics, fluid dynamics deals with fluid flow—the natural science of liquids and gases in motion. The solution to a fluid dynamics problem typically involves calculating various properties (such as velocity, pressure, density) as functions of space and time.

This means minimal effort with maximum effect. When using a piece crafted with fluid dynamics in mind, bubbles come from every slit With measured restriction. Check the stacking. Does it climb the inside of the piece? The internal space of the reaction chamber, size of the diffuser, depth and number of cuts will equal the high science reaction. Clean, smart, smooth.


Such as humans evolved over time, smoking glass has evolved as well. Sky Glass has been at the top of the industry for almost 20 years. In the beginning, glass was simple and beautiful. Times have changed. Glass has evolved into a more complex scientific direction. The fluid dynamics of our “High Science” brand reflects the evolution of smoking glass.

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Got a question or a suggestion? Want to have your glass custom made? Call us at 541-349-9518 or send us a message.


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