45° Roots Showerhead Ash Catcher

Equipped with our signature saw-cut showerhead perc, this Ash Catcher is the perfect upgrade for any of our Roots beaker bongs. Designed for maximum percolation and optimal ash catching, while still paying tribute to our roots; providing new school scientific technology, with a bit of a “throw back” vibe.


Height 5″
Angle 45 degrees
Compatible Bowl Size 14mm
Joint Size 14mm
Downstem/Perc Showerhead
Fixed/Removable Fixed
Tubing Diameter 58mm
Thickness 3.5mm
Base Diameter 58mm
Ground Joint Dewar Seal
Clear/Fumed Fumed
Bowl/Banger Scientific Bowl
Ideal For Tribal Roots
Also Great For Roots Self-Serve
Grade of Glass Scientific
Raw Material German Schott
Locally Made? Made in Oregon
Decal Sky Bake-on