Roots Tribal

This is your no-nonsense, get down to business, old-school homage, new-school function, bomb-proof, classic Sky Straight Tube. Keeping the tradition of silver-fume alive, we offer you our Tribal Roots Bong. Featuring an ultra-thick Maria base, our saw-cut diffused downstem and every color in the visible spectrum, you can’t go wrong!


Height 18″
Tubing Diameter 50mm
Thickness 5mm
Base Diameter 110mm
Compatible Bowl Size 14mm
Ground Joint 19mm Hand-Drilled
Downstem Removable/Diffused
Extra Perc n/a
Clear/Fumed Color Changing Glass
Bowl/Banger Scientific Bowl
Base Style Large Maria Foot
Mouthpiece 17″ Staight Tube
Ice Pinch Ice Pinch
Glass on Glass? Glass On Glass
Compatible Ash Catcher Acc-5 / Acc-6
Notable Feature Custom Glass Art
For Concentrates? Works for Concentrates
For Flower? Great For Flower
Grade of Glass Scientific Glass
Raw Material German Schott Glass
Locally Made? Made in USA
Decal Sky Bake-on