Sky Tree

The Sky Tree is one of our more technical double percs. It’s going to feel very simalar to a classic Sky Bong in your hands, but the function is unmatched. Water shoots through each one of the ten diffused arms simultaneously as it erupts out of the diffused downstem. The smoke gets completely cooled by the time it gets to the mouthpiece.


Height 15″
Tubing Diameter 75mm
Thickness 5mm
Base Diameter 175mm
Compatible Bowl Size 14mm
Ground Joint 19mm Machined
Downstem Removable/Diffused
Extra Perc 10 Arm Tree Perc
Clear/Fumed Clear Glass
Bowl/Banger Scientific Bowl
Base Style Beaker Base
Mouthpiece 8″ Straight Tube
Ice Pinch n/a
Glass on Glass? Glass On Glass
Compatible Ash Catcher Acc-2 / Acc-4
Notable Feature Double Perc
For Concentrates? Works For Concentrates
For Flower? Great For Flower
Grade of Glass Scientific Glass
Raw Material German Schott Glass
Locally Made? Made in USA
Decal Sky Bake-on